Aspen Institute
    Aspen Meadows
    Aspen, Colorado
    June 4 - June 7, 2000

The Sixth Annual Workshop on
Frontiers in Distributed Information Systems
FDIS: Aspen 2000



    FDIS: Aspen 2000: The sixth annual workshop on new opportunities at the interface between computing and wide-area communications was held June 4-June 7, 2000 once again at the Aspen Institute Conference Center, in Aspen Colorado. The focus was on the rapidly changing possibilities in the backbone and transport layers of the world's digital networks, and on the new services, new clients, and new communities that are coming into being as a result of their explosive growth. Attendance was limited to less than 50 participants. The final program, including several short presentations by attendees, is listed below. You may also wish to explore last year's FDIS: Aspen '99 program and presentations as well.

    Because of the explosion in computing and communication technology, many new products and services are now possible. However, many of the proposed visions for these new products and services are mutually inconsistent and some still have significant technical and social obstacles. Technical elegance will often not be the principal factor in determining success.

    Many of us, in our own organizations, prepare "road-maps" based on our guesses about where technology is going now and in the five to ten year future, using these road-maps to identify critical areas in which research is needed to stay on track. In this workshop we will identify and critically examine such issues and opportunities in distributed information systems. The goal is to consider them with more vision and greater technical accuracy than we each bring to the discussion individually.


    Susan Witzel

    Phone: +1 908-582-4432
    Fax: +1 908-582-5809
    Email: sv@lucent.com

Program (final)

    Sunday, June 4, 2000 6:00 pm
      Registration open
    Reception in Prince Bandar Lounge

    Monday, June 5 8:00 am
    Topic: Location-Aware Services
    Moderator: Abbas Ourmazd
    Monday, June 5 7:30 pm
    Topic: Social Impacts
    Moderator: Larry Jackel
    Geolocation and FINDS PPT Giovanni Vannucci,

    comMotion PPT

    Natalia Marmasse
    MIT Media Lab

    Live Address Book PPT

    Al Milewski

    Attendee short presentations:

    User Models for Personalization PPT Josh Alspector,

    New Ideas for Forecasting High Tech Portia Isaacson
    Future Bits

    Mobile Computing in an Educational Setting home page link

    Geri Gay

    Attendee short presentations:

    Copyright policy and digital archives Brewster Kahle
    Alexa Internet

    Tuesday, June 6 8:00 am
    Topic: Expeditions into the 21st Century
    Moderator: Scott Kirkpatrick
    Tuesday, June 6 7:30 pm
    Topic: Applications
    Moderator: Mike Schwartz
    Oxygen Hari Balakrishnan

    Portalono PDF

    Larry Arnstein
    U Washington


    Calton Pu
    Georgia Tech

    Endeavor PPT

    John Kubiatowicz
    UC Berkeley

    Planet Blue

    John Richards
    IBM and Lotus

    How will the DOD exploit ubiquitous computing?

    Jean Scholtz
    DARPA and NIST
    The Digital Music Business Narayanan Shivakumar

    Music on the Web PPT

    Steve Crandall

    Attendee short presentations

    The Automated Digital Economy HTML Steve White
    IBM Research

    ECLIPSE: Platform for composition of net and telephony services

    Chris Ramming
    ATT Research

    MPEG 2, 4, 7 and 21 Progress Report HTML

    Pete Schirling

    Wednesday, June 7 8:00 am
    Topic: Wireless and Sensors for Everybody
    Moderator: Brewster Kahle
    Database support for sensor arrays PPT Joe Hellerstein
    UC Berkeley

    Dirt Cheap Radios PPT

    Paul Mankiewich

    Low Cost Internet Access PPT

    Rajiv Laroia

    Attendee short presentations:

    How much can you drink through a wireless straw? Rich Howard

Workshop Site & Accommodations

    The workshop was held at Aspen Meadows (the conference center of the Aspen Institute). For the registration desk, call 1-800-452-4240, or fax to 1-970-544-7822. The hotel main desk can be reached at 1-970-925-4240 or (fax) 1-970-925-7790.

    For pictures, a map, and some background on Aspen Meadows, check out http://www.aspenmeadows.com/.

    The conference room is equipped to handle projection of laptop screen-based presentations, has a T1 Internet connection, and of course the standard overhead projector.

Organizing Committee

    Josh Alspector Laura Buddine David Culler Klaus David
    Univ of Colorado Iacta UC Berkeley Uni-Kassel
    John Denker Bob Flynn Rod Goodman Rich Howard
    AT&T Polytechnic Univ Caltech Lucent
    Dan Huttenlocher Larry Jackel Brewster Kahle Scott Kirkpatrick
    Cornell Univ AT&T Alexa Internet Hebrew University
    and Internet Archive
    Mitra Abbas Ourmazd Jim Pitkow Mike Schwartz
    Mitra Consulting IHP Groupfire consultant