Browsers, Web Applications, and New Paradigms

Arun Ranganathan

America Online, Inc.

Observations From The Trenches


What's Keeping Browsers In Vogue?


How Can Standards (Still) Help?

Notes: proposes new approaches to Web Application generation, while recognizing that scripting won't go away.

AJAX and The Dynamic Application Paradigm

var C=null;try{C=new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP")}catch(e){}

<-- blah blah next case -->

if(!C&&typeof XMLHttpRequest!="undefined"){C=new XMLHttpRequest()}return C}

<-- The New (NON Standard) Zeitgeist Hack -->
Notes: This code is used in a suggestive Search, for example.

The Web Paradigm: Desktop Applications

Visual Demo: Boxely in IM

<hbox s:vAlign="center">
  <spacer s:flex="1"/>
  <aolLabel value="<b>Screen Name:</b>"/>
  <aolInput tabIndex="1" id="screenNameInput" s:width="175"/>

XML Schema (XSD) is used to define UI entities and style.

Notes: This is where the SignOn Screen for IM is implemented.

Demo of the Boxely Toolkit


Notes: The actual syntax is TBD, but this is a demonstration of possibilities.