Proposed FDIS 2008 Program


Jonsson Conference Center, Woods Hole, MA



Monday, June 30

7:00 pm Dinner and registration


8:00 pm Intros and short talks by attendees


8:20 “New Social Networks Project” Scott Kirkpatrick   - Hebrew University
8:40 “The New Consumer Data Revolution” - Andreas Weigend- Stanford University  

9:00 “Distributed Object Storage and Retrieval” – Josh Alspector - DARPA 


Tuesday, July 1

  8:00 am Breakfast


  8:45 am Session 1- Frontiers and Challenges in Data Storage


  8:45 am “New Approaches to Personal Data Backup” Cathy Marshall – Microsoft

  9:15 am “Methods for Creating Metadata for Sharable Files” Carlos Maltzahn – U.C. Santa Cruz

  9:45 am “Zero Footprint Web Access With End-to-End Security” Urs Muller – Net-Scale Technologies


10:15  Short Attendee talk -  “Digital Object Identifiers” Patrice Lyons


10:35 Break


11:00 am Session 2 – Conformal Computing


11:00 “Optical Lattice Emulators” Jay Lowell – DARPA

11:30 “Programming Bits and Atoms” Neil Gershenfeld– MIT


12:00 Short Attendee talk - “Determining the Structure of Single Biomolecules by Manifold Embedding: Neural Nets Redux” – Abbas Ourmazd – University of Wisconsin Milwaukee


12:20 pm Lunch


  1:30 pm Informal Activities


  5:30 pm Dinner


 6:30pm Session 3 - Where is Telecom heading?


 6:30 pm “Directions in Wired and Wireless Access” Paul Polakos – Alcatel-Lucent

 7:00 pm “6 Billion On-line” Stuart Gannes – Stanford

 7:30 pm “On the Technology and Economics of Metro Area Wireless Networks” Dipankar Raychaudhuri – Rutgers Winlab


 8:00 pm Break


 8:20 “Lessons from the Early Days of the Internet” Robert Kahn - CNRI


 8:50 Short Attendee talk - “The Internet: A Learning from the Prototype” Bob Frankston


 9:10 Discussion



Wednesday, July 2

  8:00 am Breakfast


  8:45 Short attendee talks:


  8:45 “Enabling Autonomous Highway Driving Through Communications Infrastructure” Larry Jackel - North-C Technologies

  9:00 “RollCall: Rethinking Radio Tags for Asset Tracking and Remote Sensing” R.E. Howard - Inpoint-Systems, Inc.


  9:20 am Session 4 Hot Topics in Distributed Computing


  9:20 am “Distributed Security” Rolf Kraemer – IHP

  9:50 am “Planet Lab” Elliot Jaffe – Hebrew University

10:20 am “Massively Parallel Computation in Gravitational Wave Detection” Patrick Brady -Univ. Wisconsin Milwaukee


10:50  am Break


11:15 am Session 5 High Performance Computing


11:15 am “HPC In Industrial Applications” Anton Gunzinger– Supercomputing Systems AG, Zurich, Switzerland

11:45 am "Scaling Monte Carlo Tree Search for Computer Go: An Emerging Application of Blue Gene" Gerry Tesauro – IBM


12:15 pm Lunch


  1:30 pm Adjourn