Frontiers in Distributed Information Systems

This Year's Workshop


    FDIS: San Francisco 2002: The seventh workshop on new opportunities at the interface between computing and wide-area communications was held Aug 12-13 in a new location, at the Golden Gate Club of the Presidio, in San Francisco. We cancelled the 2001 workshop, as many of our desired speakers and participants were busy concentrating on the immediate problems of their respective enterprises, both big and small. The focus as always was on the rapidly changing possibilities in the backbone and transport layers of the world's digital networks, and on the new services, new clients, and new communities that are coming into being as a result of their still explosive growth. More than 40 people attended, and quite a few added interesting short presentations to the program. For the attendee list and contact information, click here.

    The final program is given below. Presentations and photos from the meeting are being added as we get them. This includes some of the short presentations as well. Next year's workshop is tentatively scheduled for the same location on July 28 and 29, 2003. To be reminded of next year's workshop, send mail to our distribution list moderator.

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